Architecture,      3D Design & Branding.


Retail, real estate, event design creation and visualisation support. 

Let’s light up your projects

By the use of  sketches, meetings, discussions, and CAD drawings, we can help describing and developping your projects in diverse fields of application.


I used to work in seven renowned

Agencies with different workflows and different fileds of activity.


I’m working currently with several softwares and constantly learning new ones.


At least 160 Brands have trusted our skills in different places.


I have worked on many projects that have been awarded through the years.

Concept & Visualisations

I’m a designer, 3D Artist, who can help you in the concept phase of your event, booth or Architectural project, to enhance or visualise a new creation. Let’s see what you can do! Based in Munich, Germany, I can use French, German or English language during this process.


Several agencies have trusted my qualifications through the years: 

Jack Morton Worldwide – Munich – Event Design

2017 – 2021.

Gruschwitz – Munich – Retail Design

2013 – 2015.

Dimaension – Munich – 3D Design & Retail (Freelance)

2012 – 2013.

AKDV – Paris – Retail Design

2011 – 2012.

SAGUEZ & PARTNERS– Paris – Retail Design

2005 – 2011.

Agence Twin – Paris – Retail Design

2004 – 2005.

EXTREME LATITUDES – Paris – Retail Design

2001 -2004. 


It’s all about learning, and I feel that a day without learning anything is a wasted day…

Additional training:
2009 Intensive specialization course in 3D infographic for architecture.  
CAD training:
2001 Intensive specialization course in CAD for architecture. Pôle Léonard de VInci, Courbevoie.
Artistic training:

E Master in Applied Arts, University of Paris(St. Charles Faculty, Paris XV) Training in Design , Architecture, Fashion.

1995 – 1998

Graduate studies:

ENSAAMA (National Highschool of Applied Arts) Olivier de Serres, Paris XV). Training in Object design and ceramics.

1992 – 1995