The various types of "deliverables"

1/Plans in two dimensions:

Illustration of your projects, on scale, the cuts and rises, details and axonometrics of your furnitures or signs.

2/Views in three dimensions «sketch-style»:

To get a precise idea of the final depiction of your project, a modelling of your project into 3 dimensional can be usefull. This work will be executed by means of existing plans, possibly shots of the existing venue. Numerous types of depiction can result from this virtual model: 
A) Style "sketch", without materials "model in white"
B) Style "sketch", with indications of materials "model in color"
C) Style "artist", with indications of materials "model in color" , effects of lightings and reflexion.

3/Views in three dimensions "photo-realist style ":

Having determined the dimensions, the materials and the graphics of your project, we can realize "photo-realistic" views of the venue, trying to approach at most the final aspect of your project. In order to get a better result, it can be useful for it to have a report photo of the existing site, but also the maximum of information about the materials or chosen elements of furniture.

4/Realization of moving pictures or virtual visit:

If the deadlines allow it, it is possible to realize an animation, establishing a virtual visit of your project, with internal or outside views of a surprising realism. These small movies come complete the fixed images there to specify how articulates the project, in a volumetric or functional point of view. The realization of those pictures and the length of the movie are strictly demending on the deadline and the budget.